Pulmuone – Non-fried Ramyun


This perked my interest being a non-fried version of your normal Korean instant ramen. Makes it a little healthier and lighter. Was curious how this would compare and how the texture would be!

Inside the package is your circular block of noodles- they look very similar to the fried one albeit the noodles were thinner. There’s a packet of seasoned oil, your standard packet of soup seasoning, and a packet of dehydrated vegetables. Shitake mushroom, celery, scallions, and chilies.

The noodles did not disappoint, wonderful texture a little lighter and tastes fresher than the fried version. Springy and everything you get in a normal fried ramyun and no loss in quality in texture from not being fried.

Flavor wise- your standard spicy Korean spicys. a good kick but not too much complexity otherwise. Hoping for some more depth

Flavor Rating
Flavor Rating
Noodle Rating
noodle rating 87%
Overall Rating
Overall Rating 85%

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